History of Aeolian Opus 1280


Ordered:  August 23, 1913

First Installed: December, 1914

The house pictured was the Jay Gould home, located

at 47th and 5th Avenue, New York.  His daughter had

inherited the home.   She ordered this organ, and

another smaller one for her home in Tarrytown

(Lyndhurst) on the same day.

Three Owners:

1. Helen Gould Shepard, Jay Gould residence 579 Fifth Avenue, New York

2. Johnston Stewart, 1943, Convent Station, New Jersey

3. Robert W. Taylor, 1998, Columbia, Missouri

Concertola (ten roll automatic changer, c1930): #232

Installed originally with Opus 1234, John D. Rockefeller, jr. 10 W. 54 Street, New York,

acquired by his sister,  Alta Rockefeller Prentice,

Given to Johnston Stewart, in 1960 in memory of Archer Gibson, to be connected to Opus 1280.

Sold to Robert W. Taylor as part of Opus 1280, in 1998.

Restoration:  Began in 1999 and was completed in 2005 at its current location.

Duo Art rolls:  455, all converted to MIDI format

116 Note rolls: 1,100,  many converted to MIDI format with Duo Art coding added

The organ and roll conversion is a work in progress.

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